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Education, Work, and Training

Dr. Ione Renee LaFata

Day Phone: 719 900-8894



Welcome to Online Psychotherapy with Dr Renee. As a licensed psychotherapist and mental health coach, I am dedicated to helping individuals and couples reach their goals. With over 30 years of experience, I strive to provide the best possible care for my clients. I specialize in offering tailored and holistic approaches to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. I welcome you to explore my services and take the first step towards creating a better life for yourself. My practice offers services to individuals, couples, and families, as well as corporate and organizational consulting. I specialize in helping clients to develop better relationship dynamics, and to develop their emotional and mental wellbeing. I am passionate about empowering people to live more fulfilling, balanced lives.

I offer a comprehensive range of mental health services to individuals, couples, and families, as well as corporate and organizational consulting. Through psychotherapy and coaching, I provide education and resources to help my clients reach their emotional and mental wellbeing goals, creating better and more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. Come explore the possibilities with me today. See my vast amount of experience reflected below.

Counseling Services Center Director

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Duties: As the Director of Counseling Services Center during 1989 to 2023. Our Center offers Educational programs, Professional Development, Mental Health Services, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Individual, Couples and Group Counseling Programs, Individual, Marriage, and Family Internships, Vocational testing, Psycho-Educational Assessment, Personality Testing, Training and Development for organizations seeking to improve employees’ team building abilities, customer service satisfaction, employee relations and other related areas. As the Director of Counseling Services Center, I supervised, managed and led all of the program management and the availability and use of financial and personnel resources.

Department of Defense Schools School Psychologist- 9-2000 to 2018- Federal Government

WT Sampson ES/HS

School Psychologist/Counselor


Maxwell Elementary/Middle School

School Psychologist


DoDEA Headquarters

ISS/SSS in Psychology


Tori Station Okinawa Japan

District ISS/PPS Psychology/504


Lajes ESMSHS Unit School

Assistant Principal


Peachtree City DDESS Education Division DoDEA-DDESS



Anderson Elementary and Middle School, Guam

School Psychologist


Sollars Elementary School Misawa Japan

School Psychologist


Contract School Psychologist



Department of Education Experience 

Elevate-North, Vocational Charter School- Idaho

District School Psychologist (Special Education Virtual)) 

Contractual: Proximity

04-01-2023 to Present

West Ada Public School District- Idaho

District School Psychologist (Special Education) 

Contractual: Proximity


Lamar Public School District- Colorado

Contractual: Stepping Stones- Full-time

District School Psychologist (Special Education)


Fort Morgan Public School District- Colorado

District School Psychologist (Special Education)

Contractual: Therapy Travelers- Full-time



Woodland Park District RE-2 District Psychologist- Colorado

District School Psychologist (Special Education)



Department of Education, Guam

School Psychologist



Department of Education, Guam

School Guidance Counselor



Department of Education

Teacher for emotionally handicapped students


Consultant Services

  • Coordinates with military, psychological, and psychiatric personnel for sharing of mutual information regarding problems of the school and community. Consults and collaborates with community agencies and refers students and parents as appropriate. Serves as the DoDDs Representative for the Misawa complex for IDS, FAC, FMCMT. 

  • Serves as a consultant in helping to develop programs for exceptional children and in developing policies for special education, child advocacy, and students’ rights programs. Serves on the CSC committee, Student Support Team committee, Spectra.

  • Serves as in-school consultant to school counselors for cases needing services beyond educational counseling and advises the next step.

  • Evaluates students and recommends environmental changes in the classroom or at home to teachers and parents.

  • Assists teachers in the development or enhancement of classroom management techniques.

  • Facilitates group collaborative problem-solving meetings with teachers, specialists and administration. SST Chairperson and Crisis Intervention Chairperson.

  • Consults and collaborates with the Case Study Committee regarding special education programming and the needs of individual students. CSC committee member.

Psycho-educational Assessment

  • Administers and/or evaluates results of individual psycho-diagnostic measures (intellectual, social, achievement, cognitive and personality tests), to identify students’ needs.

  • Recommends educational modifications based on assessments, observations and other information.

  • Conducts interviews with students, teachers and parents as appropriate.

  • Provides requested services to CSC in compliance with special education guidelines.


Mental Health Services

  • Provides short-term psychological counseling and support to students, parents, and staff, including crisis intervention.

  • Consults with parents regarding student needs and concerns.

  • Discuss with parents’ child development issues that are related to student needs and concerns.


In-service Training

  • Develops and presents in-service programs when appropriate on topics such as child abuse, deployment, crisis management, ADHD, behavior management techniques, warning signs of at-risk students, etc.

  • Attends area/district training and participates in networking.


 Self-employed as an Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist and Human Services Consultant.

Office located at 456 West O’Brien Drive, Suite 102D, Agana, Guam 96932.  Telephone:  477-7728.    Focus of practice:  Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Individual, Couples and Group Counseling and Facilitation.  Training and Development for organizations seeking to improve employees’ team building abilities, customer service satisfaction, employee relations and other related areas.

  1/1/89- 2007   


Healing Hearts Rape Crisis Center Manager at the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (Guam).

Responsible for the organization and implementation of a Rape Crisis Center.                                



Counseling Services Center, Professional Counselor. 

Provided individual, marriage and family counseling in the private sector.  Specialized in working with children and adolescents, play therapy, group therapy and couple mediation. 



Veterans Administration, Counseling Psychologist. 

Contracted for the regional Veteran’s Administration Headquarters in Honolulu to provide services to disabled veterans residing in Guam, Micronesia, Australia, Japan, Korea, and other Pacific Rim countries.  Specific services included psychological testing, disability assessment, counseling, transition assistance, rehabilitation and case supervision. 8/90-10/95


Continental Air Micronesia Contractual Counselor. 

Contracted as the primary employee assistance program provider for the airline.  This included assessment and treatment for all mental health and addiction issues of employees, including pilots, aircrew, and ground support staff referred by management. 



United States Coast Guard Employee Assistance Program Provider. 

Provided counseling services and stress management workshops for Coast Guard personnel and their families in Guam. 



Superior Court of Guam.

 Contracted with the Family Court Division to provide psychological assessments, custody evaluations, and expert testimony for cases involving children and adolescents, and their families. 



Department of Corrections. 

Contracted to provide direct services to inmates at the Adult Correctional Facility, to include group therapy, individual therapy, and crisis intervention inside the prison. 



Guam Community College and Special Needs Department. 

Provided diagnostic, psychological testing services for GCC’s Counseling Department.  Provided in-service training to counselors on assessment and intervention methods for suicidal individuals.  Provided training to college faculty on identification of at-risk students and intervention strategies.  Provided weekly group counseling services for identified at-risk students. 



Guam Community College Women’s Studies Program. 

Developed a self development program entitled, “The Next Step” for the college to assist women in their personal and career growth.  Continuing seminars provided to the college include; Exploring the Roadless Traveled, Assertiveness Training, Stress Management, Discovering Your Self Esteem, and Effective Parenting. 



Project Head Start, Guam Department of Education.  

Contracted to provide mental health specialty services to program clients.  Direct services to children and families in the Head Start Program include behavioral and family environment observations at school and at home, clinical assessment and treatment, crisis intervention services and psycho-educational reports and recommendations.  Staff support services include in-service training for teachers on psychological techniques and behavior management. 



Oceanview and George Washington High School, Guam Department of Education. 

Contracted to provide group counseling services and individual counseling to identified high-risk students.  In addition, conducted a school-wide substance abuse assessment of High School Students, with analysis and program development recommendations to the Director of the Department of Education. 



University of Maryland, Asian Division. 

Adjunct faculty instructor for university courses in Introduction to Psychology, Child Psychology, and Adolescent Psychology.

United States Airforce Active Duty

Inventory Management Specialist

07-11-1976  to 01-11-1980





Master of Education in Educational Leadership, 2009

PhD in Psychology, Saybrook Institute, 2007

Master of Science, Behavioral Sciences, University of Guam, 1988.

Master of Education, University of Guam, 1986.

Bachelor of Psychology, University of Maryland, 1983

Numerous continuing education workshops and training in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, leadership, management, marketing, self-development, fitness and nutrition.



US Territory of Guam, Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist (current)

Registered (unlicensed) Psychotherapist in Colorado (current)

Licensed School Psychologist in Colorado (current)

Licensed School Psychologist in Idaho (current)


Mental Health, Personal & Life Coach

Mental Health Coaching  supports individuals to improve their mental health and well-being. Using evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and stress management,  individuals  build mental strength and resilience, improve interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence, and ultimately live a healthier and more fulfilling life. It is the fastest and most effective way to make lasting changes to your mental health and wellbeing.

05-2020 to Present


Community Organizations and Affiliations

Kuam, Isla 61, Talk Show Host

KGTF-TV, Guam Public Television, support friend

Child Care Cooperative, Guam, charter corporate member

Parents United, Principal Volunteer Therapist (‘87-’90), group work with incest/sexual abuse offenders.

Guam Association of Social Workers, member.

Association of Individual, Marriage and Family Therapists, member

Interests:   Helping others through volunteer work, travel, reading, fitness and nutrition, craft making, writing, art and music.

Travel:   Extensively since childhood.  Japan, Azores Portugal, Madera, San Miguel, Guam

References:   Available Upon Request             Citizenship:   USA


Guam Community College

Adjunct Faculty

Interpersonal Relations    

  01-20-99 to 05-17-99



  •  Head Start Conference                                       May 1,1989                             presentation

  • Guam Public School Administrators          August 27,1999                   Public Relations

  • First Health Educator’s conference              May 14,1992                          Date Rape/Sexual Assault

  • Southern H.S. Faculty, DOE                                 May 1,1998                             Stress Management

  • Chief Brodie, Elementary, DOE                          March 13,1998                    Stress Management

  • 1997 Parent Conference, Head Start            October 4,1997                  Families creating peace

  • FBLG M.S. Faculty, DOE                                           1996-97                                    Staff Development

  • Department of Administration                          August 11,1998                   Personal Empowerment

  • Guam Community College Staff                     August 5,1994                     Teamwork

  • Special Education, DOE                                          May 23,1989                        Coping Strategies Parents

  • Head Start                                                                         April 29,1989                      Choosing a career

  • Carrier EAP                                                                        Feb.27,1999                         EEO and Sex Harassment

  • Counseling Service Center                                   May 28,1999                        Family Violence

  • Counseling Service Center                                   July 29-30 1999                  Suicide Prevention

  • Carrier EAP                                                                        July 25,1999                        Customer Service Satisfaction



  • C.L. Taitano PTA                                              Service Award            1984-1985

  • DOE                                                                         Commendation    May 1987 Instructional Leadership

  • Department of Mental Health             October 1997

  • Navy Family Services                                 April 1989    Family Violence Prevent

  • Navy Family Services                                Sept. 1989     Family Violence Prevent

  • 7th Annual National Conference        April 1993     Dysfunctional Families

  • Career Decision Making Training         Feb. 18,1988

  • NCO Orientation Course USAF              June 7, 1979

  • Inventory Management Specialist, USAF       Oct.7,1976

  • Pacific Daily News                                                  April 20,1999      Life Management



  • DOE, Department of Administration               May 1,1992                          Contractual Services

  • Guam Housing and Urban Renewal                March 20,2000                   Training

  • GCC Consultant Trainer                                           Jan.31,1991                          Testing/Training



  • Child Protective Services                                  Aug.23,1990                         Standard Procedures

  • Proposals

  • GHURA’s Clients                                                Feb.3,1999                            Workshops

  • DVR’s Clients                                                       Feb. 4,1999                          Services

  • Guam Airport Authority                             Jan. 12,1999                         Workshops

  • Grant Domestic and child violence     March 15,1998                   Services

  • EAP for DOE                                                         Jan. 28,1992                         Services

  • EAP for GCC                                                         Jan.1992                               Services, Workshops

  • The Children’s Center                                    June 17,1991                        Residential


  • University of Argosy Phoenix, AZ United States

  • Master's Degree 09/2009

  • GPA: 4.0 of a maximum 4.0

  • Credits Earned: 76 Semester hours

  • Major: Educational Leadership Honors: Summa Cum Laude


  • Saybrook Science and Research Institute San Francisco, CA United States

  • Doctorate 02/2007

  • GPA: 4 of a maximum 4

  • Credits Earned: 76 Semester hours

  • Major: Psychology


  • University of Guam Agana Heights, GU United States

  • Master's Degree 05/1988

  • GPA: 3.86 of a maximum 3.86

  • Major: Behavioral Sciences Specialization Psychology


  • University of Guam Agana Heights, GU United States

  • Master's Degree 05/1986

  • GPA: 3.86 of a maximum 3.86

  • Credits Earned: 39 Semester hours

  • Major: Counselor Education


  • University of Maryland Agana Heights, GU United States

  • Bachelor's Degree 05/1983

  • GPA: 3.83 of a maximum 3.83

  • Credits Earned: 125 Semester hours

  • Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology/Business Administration



  • US Territory of Guam, Individual, Marriage and Family Psychotherapist 

  • Colorado School Psychologist License 

  • Colorado Registered Psychotherapist License 



  • DoDDs

  • School Psychologist

  • School Counselor (High School, Middle School, Elementary school)

  • DoDDs Certificates:

  • Principal (High School, Middle School and Elementary)

  • Assistant principal (High School, Middle School and Elementary)

  • Pupil Personnel Coordinator


Resume: Resume
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