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Online Mental Health Therapy

Online Mental Health Individual or Couple Therapy

(Mental Health Therapy):  Therapists must be licensed in your state and have a degree in mental health. ( Dr, Renee LaFata is licensed as an Individual, marriage and family therapist in Guam and as a registered psychotherapist in Colorado).  When you  meet with a DrRenee you'll  talk about  emotional struggles and mental health issues you are experiencing. DrRenee and you, in therapy, work with your feelings and how your thoughts impact your feelings and behavior.  Therapy helps  you by dealing with a serious mental illness (depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD etc.), also if you  experience everyday behavior that affects your day-to-day living and work. DrRenee helps you with her guidance and expertise in mental illness.

Online Mental Health Coaching

(Mental Health Coaching): Mental health means much more than living without pain or disability. It is also about building strength and improving your well-being.   Mental Health Coaching is out of pocket. Most states accept Mental Health Coaching.  Mental Health Coaching supports using mental health techniques. It is the fastest way to build mental strength and resilience. Strong mental health means you have the skills to improve and maintain, your well-being. It helps you to improve your interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence and relationships. Mental Health Coaches are unlicensed but have a degree in Mental Health (Dr Renee LaFata has a PhD in Psychology, 3 Masters'  in Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Leadership/Education.)  

Employee Assistance Programs

We offer entire programs for companies which include counseling sessions, stress management workshops, Anger management, interpersonal communication and much more.  Give us a call to design a program for your company.

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